Brows & Lashes

Enhance your natural beauty with our personalised brow and lash services.

Please read before & aftercare advice and contraindications for optimum results and to ensure a seamless experience with us.


Brow wax (incl. waxing, tweezing & trimming) $50

Hybrid brows (hybrid brow dye + wax) $100

Brow wax & tint $85

Brow tint $35

Brow lamination $100

Brow lamination & brow wax $140

Brow lamination, brow wax & tint $160

Brow lamination & hybrid brows $180

Brow lamination is a brow hair retexturising treatment. The process involves softening the hairs to reshape and set the brows into a more lifted, smoother, uniform shape which also makes them easier to style. We advise waiting at least 8 weeks between brow laminations to ensure no damage to your brows.


Lash lift & Tint $125

Lash tint $50

Lash lifts are designed to enhance your natural lashes by creating a lift from the root, giving the appearance of longer, curled lashes. All lash lifts include a tint and plant-based strengthening treatment for healthy lashes. We advise waiting 8-10 weeks between lash lifts to ensure no damage to your lashes.


Lash lift, brow lamination & hybrid brows $290

Lash lift, brow lamination, wax & tint $270

Lash lift & hybrid brows $205

Lash lift, brow wax & tint $190

Hybrid brows & lash tint $125

Brow wax, lash & brow tint $115

Brow wax & lash tint $90

Lash & brow tint $85